Board Of Directors

    1. Life Time Achievement Award in Education
    2. Commendation Certificate, King Faisal Air Academy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    3. Experience of managing educational institutions, arrangement of higher education courses, policy formulation


    Leadership, Corporate Policy Designing and Implementation, Training, Intelligence and Physical Security.

    Ibrahim Chaudhry (Director & CEO)
    1. Renowned Marketing Expert and businessman having many years of experience in Capital and Financial horizon.
    2. A valuable blend of sales leadership, resourcefulness, and financial skill that combines efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom-line results. Adept in developing effective marketing and sales plans, creating long-range focus and devising innovative methods for tactically implementing those ideas. Solid back ground and training in areas where Sales & Marketing expertise, administration, organization, interpersonal communication, motivation, and management are required.
    Sales & Marketing and Project Management, Marketing Plans & Solutions, Marketing Analysis and Campaigns, Business Development Planning, Human Resources, Import & Export, Real Estate & Management Services Accounts & Finance, Out Sourcing.

    Rafay Baloch (Director)
    1. Rafay Baloch is a world knows leading information security expert and evangelist. He is listed as Top 25 threat seekers of 2014 by SCmagazine for the issues he uncovered with Android. Rafay’s work has also been featured into many national international magazines, newspapers and forums. These include websites such as SC magazine, Forbes, yahoo news, metasploit, threatpost etc.
    2. He has been involved in multiple penetration testing, red teaming, reverse engineering, and malware analysis assignments. As an information security researcher with more than 5 years of experience, he has received many acknowledgements and bug bounties by discovering serious security flaws in websites such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, Yahoo, Adobe and Microsoft, to name a few.
    Exploiting Web applications, Evading Firewalls, Breaking Mobile Security, Exploit Research, bypassing WAF, HTML5 Security, Browser Security and many more.

    Tariq Mahmood (Director)
    1. Tariq Mahmood is Information Security Analyst, Security Researcher, Ethical Hacker and Software Architect. Having more than 10 years of experience in variety of IT fields including Cyber Security, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Software System development and deployment, Database Designing, System Engineering, Web Designing & Development.
    2. Vast experience in Projects Planning, Designing, and Implementation of IT Projects. Software Architect of many MIS systems currently deployed in various domains.
    3. Research Interests are Application Security, Authentication Methodologies, Cryptography, Defensive /Offensive Security and Malware Analysis.
    Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, Network Security, Information System Auditing and Management, Software Development & Optimization, Database Development and Management.

    Muddassar Saleh (Director)
    Results-oriented, unique blend of IT + Customer relationship Professional with proven leadership and competitive intelligence skills. 10+ years’ experience in IT Operations, Customer Services, Pre Sale technical, VAS Service delivery & support services.
    Projects Planning, Delivering, and Implementation of information technology projects of various domains especially mission-critical projects.
    Anticipation, manage and resolve issues and act as the POC for the projects.
    Providing support and assistance in the promotion and adoption of Programme & Project Management best practices in Infosec domain.
    Mobile Data Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, IT Operations, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Data Center Virtualization

    Kamran Saifullah (Director)
    Kamran Saifullah is an Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Researcher, Penetration Tester, Techie, Public Speaker as well as an Entrepreneur.
    He has an extensive knowledge about the web-applications and is known widely for web-app penetration testing.
    He has been pen-testing tons of websites and his work has been acknowledged by Microsoft, Sony, Adobe, BlackBerry, AVG, (Panama Leaks), ESET, AVAST, MediaFire, SAP and about more than 700+ world giants. He has also pentested and has reported many critical security issues well known Pakistani websites. He has also received 60+ certificates of appreciation from well known world giants along with different swags, bounties & other stuffs.