About Us

ImpactX Technologies specialises in enabling businesses to effectively manage their information security risks. We at ImpactX Technologies achieve this by delivering world class services that integrate people, process, technology and intelligence to continuously detect, respond and remediate breaches and emerging threats.

Information security challenge are being faced by most of the businesses today. Cyber-attacks are increasingly advanced and are too easily evade traditional signature-based defences such as next generation firewall, IPS and anti-virus. Businesses need to identify and stop these attacks quickly before they cause significant damage to their internal databases and critical business information. However, the time, resource, and cost to do this effectively is too high.

ImpactX Technologies services are designed specially for the businesses of all sizes and are hassle free. Our Team has over 12 years’ experience in protecting clients across a range of industries & we have excellent customer retention rates reflecting the high quality services we deliver.

Our customers benefit from knowing that their business is being proactively monitored, protected and tested by experts so that any emerging threats or breaches can be acted upon rapidly preventing, reducing and managing any potential damage.

As an information security services firm, we will provide world-class, innovative, value-added services and guidance to our customers; establishing a regional position of leadership; make a lasting, positive impact on our community; and create a thriving company in which we are proud to work.

Through innovative, cost effective & practical guidance our mission is to enlighten and empower people and organizations to make informed, educated decisions, operate securely and efficiently and reduce the operational risks associated with managing technology.

Your organization is facing more technology-related challenges than it ever has before. Cybersecurity threats are now a regular part of daily life. Just about every device under the sun is becoming Internet-enabled. And data is now driving the majority of critical business processes. 

Suffice to say, its not easy-or cheap-to keep up with these pressing demands, especially if your IT department lacks essential resources like a large staff and a healthy budget. 

So, what can you do to overcome a lack of resources and ensure your network remains an asset, versus a liability? You can ask for help from a dedicated technology vendor that can provide a wealth of IT services for a price that aligns with your organizations needs.